How to Increase Your Fight Endurance With Assault Bike Interval Training

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How to Increase Your Fight Endurance With Assault Bike Interval Training

increase your fight endurance

The assault bike is one of the most powerful tools you can have at your disposal to increase your fight endurance.

Though I do use stadium stairs, track running, and swimming as methods to improve aerobic capacity and aerobic power, they pale in comparison to the assault bike.

There’s a whole truckload of reasons why.

For one, the assault bike gives you instant feedback. If you’re detail-oriented like me (and you should be if you want to achieve any level of success as a fighter or a coach), you perform your aerobic training in very specific ranges to elicit the desired adaptations. The assault bike gives you the feedback of your ranges instantly, without the need for extra equipment.

On the other hand, swimming, track running, and stadium stairs require extra equipment that can get in the way of the training at hand.

The assault bike is also versatile. It can be used to develop your aerobic capacity as well as aerobic power – two qualities that are crucial as far as stamina and conditioning go.

If you don’t know, aerobic capacity is your heart and lung’s ability to get oxygen to your muscles. Aerobic power is your muscles’ ability to utilize oxygen to produce energy.

Each of those qualities requires different parameters, but the assault bike is a great tool to develop both of these qualities and ultimately increase your fight endurance.

Third, the assault bike gives you a controlled training environment. There’s no heat, no rain, no storms. There’s no cold, no snow, no wind. It’s just you, the bike, and the numbers on the bike (and the numbers don’t lie). There are no excuses, you just have to get after it.

All of this said, I believe the assault bike is the best equipment to increase your fight endurance.

And today, I want to talk about how you can increase your fight endurance with assault bike interval training.

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How to Increase Your Fight Endurance With Assault Bike Interval Training 1

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Let’s get into it:

The Emphasis of Assault Bike Interval Training

How to Increase Your Fight Endurance With Assault Bike Interval Training 2

The main goal of assault bike interval training is to increase your fight endurance. However, there are many qualities that fall under the umbrella of “fight endurance” that you want to emphasis in this assault bike interval training workout.

The first point of emphasis is fixing posture and breathing mechanics.

Many fighters have dysfunctional, kyphotic posture that’s harmful to their power, strength, mobility, and stability. More than that, it’s harmful to their ability to breathe. And the harder it is for your to breathe, the faster you’ll gas out.

But why does kyphotic posture make it harder to breathe?

When you have kyphotic posture, the muscles of the diaphragm are collapsed, and more, the rib cage cannot expand to full size. This can decrease the lung capacity by as much as 30%.

It can also restrict your ability to let out carbon dioxide, as well as toxins.

So if it wasn’t bad enough that poor posture blocks your oxygen intake, it also accelerates fatigue by restricting your ability to exhale carbon dioxide.

Essentially, if you improve your posture, you can increase your fight endurance without cardio.

But how is this assault bike interval training workout going to improve posture?

We’re going to emphasis maintaining solid posture throughout the entirety of this workout – whether you’re feeling fresh or gasping for air. This will help you maintain the habit of keeping good posture when you’re in the cage, on the field, or wherever else.

The next point of emphasis is increasing the efficiency of the respiratory muscles. This can actually carry over to areas outside of your fight endurance, including power, strength, and speed as well.

And of course, the third point of emphasis is increasing the body’s ability to take in oxygen and let off Co2.

I alluded to this above, but many fighters who rely heavily on volume punching and out-gassing their opponent for victory are going to be limited by their ability to let off Co2. This workout will help you increase that breathing efficiency to raise your ability to let off carbon dioxide.

How to Perform Assault Bike Interval Training to Increase Your Fight Endurance

It’s important you know right off the bat that you shouldn’t enter the pain cave when following this workout. This workout is meant to be done with the utmost attention to detail, breathing mechanics, postural position, and more. There are times when you should push hard, persist through the pain, grit your teeth. This is not that.

You’re going to begin by warming up. Once you’ve completed your warm-up, you’re going to measure your maximal wattage output. You can do this by simply pushing as hard as you can on the assault bike to see how high you can get the wattage. The number should be around 900-1000 watts.

Once you get this number, take that number and divide it by .75. This will be your working wattage.

Next, set a 45 minute running clock that will serve as the duration for the workout.

Hop back on the bike and build up to a steady pace. Then, build up to 75% of your maximal wattage. Sustain this intensity for as long as possible without any kind of movement compensation. You should also slow down if you feel any burning in the muscles.

The goal for this burst of intense biking is to be comfortable and explosive, and the burst shouldn’t last longer than 6-10 seconds.

Once you’ve completed your burst, coast on the bike until you get about 80% recovered. When you reach this point, ramp back up to 75% of your max wattage for another explosive and comfortable burst. Then coast again.

You’ll repeat this for as many rounds as possible in your 45 minute allotted time.

If your breathing becomes sporadic, or you can’t catch your breath at any point in the workout, terminate the workout and use the remainder of the workout as a cool down. Just maintain a steady pace of 100-250 watts for the remainder of the time.

Remember, the goal isn’t to go to the pain cave. It’s to get thoughtful and intelligent work in.

Summary of The Assault Bike Interval Training Workout to Increase Your Fight Endurance

  1. Get your max watt number from the assault bike
  2. Take 75% of your maximal watts and use that as your working number
  3. Set a clock for 45 minutes
  4. Build up to your working number and maintain that burst for as long as possible while staying comfortable, explosive, and maintaining proper posture (6-10 seconds)
  5. Coast and recover until you’ve reached 80% recovery
  6. Repeat for the duration of the 45 minutes
  7. Terminate the workout if you’re breathing sporadically or can’t catch your breath. Use the remaining time as a cool down, biking at 100 to 250 watts

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