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It’s no secret a proper warmup is vital to increase performance while mitigating the risk of non contact injury. With that being said most coaches forget that just like a structured program a proper warmup must based off of a few major key concepts. These concepts include the increasing readiness for the work ahead, with a step by step sequencing that will enhance the athletes physical, physiological, and psychological abilities.

This step by step process will include a general preparatory movement sequence where overall biomechanics and baseline functionality will be introduced to the organism. Going through movements that are general to the human body by increasing core temperatures, and tissue temperatures to allow for better overall movement quality. Using slow dynamic muscle activation techniques to allow the tissue to function properly. With this we start with basic controlled articular rotations of each joint capsule allowing the joints to move like true joints. Mindfully being aware of any compensation or “tightness” throughout the kinetic chain. Moving into mid dynamic stretching to increase range of motion in general movement patterns that may help correlate to the sport or the training process. Moving forward into the fast dynamic movements that will increase neural drive and fast contractibility of muscles. Also increasing joint stiffness to allow for absorption of force and the ability to redirect force application.

Once this is set we then work our way into a specific preparatory movement sequence where the movements we do directly correlate to the work ahead. Working through movements under light loads or at the same speed as the training process. This can be for the weight room or directly to the sport training itself. This will allow for increased coordination and control of each specific movement pattern that will be trained in a higher level of intensity going further into the training.

Active Dynamic Warmup Protocol:

5 Minute Jog HR 110-120bpm
Tissue Temperature Elevation and General Prep (5 minutes)
Heel Toe Slow Dynamic x10 yards
Heel Toe Fast Dynamic x10 yards
Heel Walk x10 yards
Toe Walk x10 yards
Perfect Stretch x3 each side
RDL Reach Out x3 each side

Mobility / Stability
Knee Hug Passive Range Lift Off x10 yards (5 minutes)
Quad Stretch Passive Lift Off x10 yards
Side Monster Walks x10 yards
Front Monster Walks x10 yards
Cook Bridge x5 each
SL Glute Bridge Leg Whip x5 each
Quadruped Side Straight Leg Raise Lift Off x3 each
Quadruped Rear Straight Leg Raise Lift Off x3
Prone Y,W,T’s x3 each
Wall Slides x10

Dynamic Activation General Specific Prep (5 minutes)
A-Skip x10 yards
B-Skip x10 yards
Heel Kicks x10 yards
Adduction Side Shuffle x10 yards
Abduction Side Shuffle
Low Step over Karaoke x10 yards each
High Step over Karaoke x10 yards each
Mule Kickbacks x10 yards
Pogo Jumps x10 yards

This structured protocol may take you up to 20 minutes to complete, yes you heard right up to 20 damn minutes. But honestly I’d rather that then have any unnecessary injuries. The goal is to make sure my athletes are fully prepared to put out the best possible effort while reducing the risk of injury on the training floor.

Checkout complete video of some of the drills here in my YouTube video!


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