MMA Conjugate Method Program

$20.00 $10.00

This program is designed to keep an athlete fully prepared throughout the year for competition. Using a format made popular by Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell) Ive structured the program to fit the needs of a combat sports athlete or anyone that wants to train like one. Each day of training will have a set modality (MAX EFFORT, DYNAMIC EFFORT) this will keep you explosive and strong so that you can stay ready for any situation.

What to expect:

  • constantly varied training methods
  • max effort lifts to enhance maximal strength
  • dynamic effort to enhance speed strength
  • band accomadated lifts to reduce joint sheering and sticking points
  • eliminating the “Law of accomadation”
  • training all bioenergetic demands of the sport

Why should you invest in this program??

for most fighters its a constant grind, training year round in skills work from bjj, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and strength conditioning. And most have to be ready to fight when ever they get a call. This program helps with managing over training due to the constant variation of methods and exercises it also allows you to work several energy demands throughout the training week simular to the skills training. Ive use this approach with several of my fighters and I can honestly say it has helped tremendously from a time effiency perspective and overall performance of the athletes physical capabilities.